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Bar-B-Q, Pig Roasts, Catering

Love the Perky Cafe But want to host your own party?

We have your solution!

Oaks Smoke is now bringing a little bit of the Perky to your party

when you add on one of our new alcohol Packages!

Inquire with your next order to figure out how it all works.

At Oaks Smoke we know we can get the best BBQ in the area to your event. How do we know this? We've been told! We don't do boing lackluster meat here; instead we kick things up a notch [or three]. Our Pit Master has also been trained all over the state including Lancaster and Pittsburgh as well as down south in Savannah, Georgia. All of these places come together in the small town of Oaks to deliver you the best BBQ in the area. And No, that isn't just self proclaimed!

Our Inspiration for BBQ comes from other's short comings. Look around you, how many other home cooked BBQ joints can you think of? Sure, other places may have the words "smoked" on their menu, but there is a very distinct difference between pouring Liquid Smoke on meat and baking it, and giving it the true pink ring of a real smoker. We cook all out BBQ over a fire with no controls other than air flow. It doesn't get more natural than that. This smoking technique is what delivers the beautiful pink ring around our freshly smoked meats. Sure, this way is more challanging, but we feel the results are 110% worth it. Did we start of perfect? No. Guilty of failure and a few burnt slabs of meat, however it's the trial and error that allows us to deliver our perfected method consistantly to you.  

Curious about our process? Just ask! Really... we mean it. We aren't scared to show you how much love and time goes into every piece of meat that comes off our smoker. We are confident that once you see the amount of time and labor that goes into it, you'll realize you're better off just coming to us. So if you want to know how we do what we do best, just ask.  

So what got us into BBQ anyway? Luckily for you, it was other Chefs' short comings. We thought we could do it better than other people and it turns out we could. There are not a lot of places in the area doing real BBQ. And by real we mean, sleeves up, labor of love type of real. Why would anyone do it anyother way? We aren't about cutting corners here at Oaks Smoke. Plus, we get to have the constant smell of the smoker permiating the air around us. It's that smoke and our dedication that delivers the best BBQ meats in the area to you. We also feel that good BBQ needs very little if any sauce. If you feel otherwise, no worries... We've got you covered! We house crafted four specialities sauces to go along with your BBQ if you're feeling saucy. Don't worry though, we'll let you dress your own meat to your liking.